Secrets About Property Valuers That Has Never Been Revealed

Done a video on fools gold and I think it ties it is because if the suburb was a paddock two years ago and then it gets subdivided and turned into a housing estate you can skew the numbers and make them look very very healthy so yeah whenever we have look at a property we back test the property performance for as far back awe can possibly go every sales history on that property we look at and it gives us confidence.

As a buying indicator units previous performance yeah so the challenge with some of these is they’re talking about two or three years worth of data to give them that confidence with its course oh and what else do your do the field research to assess tieback testing of that day which you’re looking at see where they’ve been renovated because in some cases some of those numbers could also adjust that so you know you should never you know by just off the back testing that’s the skill of the the BA the buyer’s agent who’s going out.

There and it’s potentially the skill Property Valuations Perth of you know an investor who wants to do it themselves who’s going in and having a look at that property and saying okay it’s year sold it’s definitely had some refurbish butane how much or how often has it refurbishment and what percentages of that growth is to do with the improvements of the asset now that.

The reality is the law of averages said there’s got to be high numbers and they’ve gotta be low numbers so there’s going to be some suburbs in Melbourne that have probably only done four.