Remember From Property Valuation

Sell you would have could triple your money properties went from to a million that means those people have made six hundred thousand to maybe a hundred in equity now when you go to a bank and you draw equity and you draw our cash from your bank account I’ve never heard banker ask me Conrad is this did you work hard for your money is this the money that you worked really hard forge’s explaining.

That you’re taking up to two lazy equity money isn’t that isn’t it interesting that it ask me that all they do is how much would you like would you like one hundred dollar bills or fifty dollar bills is very interesting no one of asking is this equity like this money that you work for cash is cash it’ll do you work hard or whether they can t really easy and that’s the biggest thing about property investing-it doesn’t need to be hard people just make it hard leverage definition of leverage is the use of various.

Financial instruments or borrow capital such as margin to increase the potential return on investment and that’s what the games all about about leveraging other people’s money in an ethical property now here’s the wealth distribution table from Gemini from the world wealth report and it’s a very interesting thing because if you look at the wealth distribution how much people own in this world combined if you look at the ideal situation the top % the rich either would control probably around thirty percent of wealth and in the middle.

class would ideally control majority of everything Melbourne Property Valuers and then you’ve got the bottom twenty percent having a little bit of assets behind them and this is what what the ideal scenario is now what people think being a pessimist by nature we say well it’s kind of worse than that the reach the top twenty percent control you know let’s say sixty percent the middle class control.