Why Having An Excellent Property Valuer Sydney Is Not Enough

Terms of efficiency cost effective as but also enforcement costs are very expensive to enforce and others are doing those are real cause and so we contemplate doing little experiment to see you know we tried this policy here and that policy there and then see how it goes and which ones are easy to enforce that could help you design programs in other places to reduce enforcement projects.

I would say we probably haven’t and part of the reasons because they’re completely voluntary so we’re not other than the formation of carbon market we’re not really relying on a policy regulatory framework one of the things that we are leaking out we have a large project in Indonesia that’s looking at sort of practical implications of how you would do a red project though you know in Indonesia has really high deforestation rates if you were to actually do large-scale projects and try to get carbon credits.

For avoiding that deforestation what does that mean anything in that context were thinking very seriously about enforcement because so much of a lot of that deforestation is ready so how do you how do you address that you know there are fifty years of sort of forest conservation that hasn’t been able to solve that problem but yeah we’re thinking about in that context I think to the extent that we’ve stayed in the voluntary market range we haven’t thought about enforcement but it is a really good PowerPoint don’t actually.

I can’t speak at all about the Philippines other than in the context of a larger initiative that we’re working on so I’ll speak a little bit I used to work for the Conservancy’s Asia-pacific group as well as for the state department was posted in Asia so that’s what you’re referring to you so just as an example.

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