Disadvantages Of Valuers And How You Can Workaround It

Hundred thousand dollars into a four and a half million dollar property portfolio they’ve done it all from the dining room of their home on the New South Wales central coast of things so where’s this one this one’s in Newcastle we purchased that three years ago we peaches that I think for did a little work on it we hadst valued recently for just over soit’s done very well for you yes it has this one the first little ones I bough tit’s a simple formula borrow money buy property rented out and then sell at profit and they’re very good.

At it repurchased it for to succeed exterior and sold it for three years later it was horrific Lee ugly how did you choose tum not an emotion no no we don’t overbuy ownership it’s a house that we probably never live in ah this one thesis how you ride a housing boom cuss how about when we started not only did went see the places that we were buying because we saw them on the internet we actually borrowed one hundred and five percent using that the equal we had in our house to fund that aside revaluing.

The ones and borrowing against those and borrowing against those Property Valuation Melbourne exactly right so how many houses have you bought and sold in all that time well up yeah about that we started looks like monopoly figures it only when you think back on D wow how we ever even do that but you couldn’t have done it without negative gearing huh you’re surprised more people don’t do it I am well there is that they don’t they don’t do it but I don’t think they know how too it to put it simply negative gearing’s a clever way of reducing your tax bills if you have an investment property and it’s losing money you can claim that loss as a tax deduction against everything else you earn other countries do it too but.